“SMALL DOGS” – Meet Seth

Meet Seth. He’s one of the friendliest Chihuahuas you’ll ever meet and just can’t wait to be big like the other dogs. Poor little guy though doesn’t realize yet that he’s a small dog and that small dogs sort of tend to you know…stay small. Stay tuned for more updates!

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17 Feb No Comments Mau Character, Children's Books, Small Dogs, Writing

Happy Valentine’s Day

In Spanish we say ‘Feliz Dia del Amor,’ which I’ve always enjoyed because it emphasizes celebrating love in all its forms, not just romantic love. Wishing you all a great day! Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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14 Feb No Comments Mau Character, Painting

Even Predators aren’t safe from privatized health care!

I got the idea for this gag while joking around with my friend the other day. The joke will only be apparent to fans of the movie or to people who are at least somewhat familiar with the mythology, but I’m ok with that. I grew up loving the original

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10 Feb No Comments Mau Daily Art, Drawing, Fan Art

“SMALL DOGS” Revisited – Making Good on a Promise

  Now that all of the excitement from my recent Superman film “A Smallville Man” has quieted down, I can make good on my promise to myself to follow up on another project of mine from a few years ago. It’s a children’s story called “Small Dogs” that some of

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9 Feb No Comments Mau Children's Books, Small Dogs, Writing

Daily Sketches: Disney Girls cont’d

                                                    Here is the continuation from my daily sketch attempts at the Disney girls. I have to admit that these are more “intensive” than I

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5 Feb No Comments Mau Character, Daily Art, Drawing, Fan Art

“A Smallville Man” Views Surpasses Previous Film “A Gotham Fairytale”

I simply cannot believe that my Superman film “A Smallville Man” has garnered more views in just two weeks than my previous Batman film has in over a year and a half! Wow! I must admit that even though I am a die hard fan of the Man of Steel,

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Daily Sketches cont’d: Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Esmeralda & Meg

In case any of you have been wondering, yes I have been keeping up with my daily sketches. I just haven’t been posting them here every day ┬ásince I felt like it might be more prudent to wait a few days to a week and then post them as a

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25 Jan No Comments Mau Character, Daily Art, Drawing, Fan Art

A Smallville Man FREE Art Contest

Because I have been overwhelmed by the amount of positive support and amazing messages/comments on my new film “A Smallville Man,” I have decided to show my gratitude by giving away some free “ASM” artwork. I wish I could give something to everyone who has let me know how much

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20 Jan 1 Comment Mau A Smallville Man, Fan Art, Superheroes

Daily Pinup Portrait Sketch #02 – Cinderelly, Cinderelly

Continuing with my resolution to do a sketch a day and in keeping with the Disney theme – here’s Cinderelly for you. Since she’s mostly portrayed and thought of in her iconic princess getup, I wanted to try my hand at depicting her a little differently. So after a few

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19 Jan No Comments Mau Character, Daily Art, Drawing, Fan Art

Sketch Dailies – A Drawing A Day for 2015 (at least I hope)

I know I’m starting my New Year’s resolution a little late but since I spent the first two weeks of this year prepping my recently released film “A Smallville Man,” I’m hoping the New Years gods will cut me a break. You can never get enough practice so for the

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17 Jan 1 Comment Mau Character, Daily Art, Drawing, Fan Art