One Final Tribute for the “Sons of Anarchy” Finale

  The “Sons of Anarchy” series finale aired last night and brought with it the end of 7 years of great storytelling. Even though I came late to the party finding the show only earlier this year, it still managed to impact me on so many emotional levels. I can’t

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10 Dec No Comments Mau Drawing, Fan Art

Sons of Anarchy – Final Episode Tribute

I became a fan of “Sons of Anarchy” late in the game but by no means did that diminish my love for this show. I can’t stress enough how great the characters are developed, and when you combine that with wonderful storytelling, you create the perfect setup for a fantastic

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8 Dec 1 Comment Mau Drawing, Fan Art

“A SMALLVILLE MAN” – Official announcement for my next film featuring Superman

I must admit that when I posted my 7 min animatic film “A Gotham Fairytale” in the summer of 2013, I never thought I’d actually make a second one. I figured that maybe only a couple hundred people would ever see it (if I was lucky), and that I’d just

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Thanksgiving Giveaway 2014

I can’t think of a better time of year than now to show my fans how thankful I am for their support, so I’m officially announcing my Thanksgiving Giveaway. I’ve always been grateful when fans have gone out of their way for me so now’s my time to really show

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14 Nov 1 Comment Mau Uncategorized

DesignerCon 2014 Was a Success!

DesignerCon 2014 was held this past weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center and showcased a lot of amazing creations from designers spanning the fields of art, toys, apparel, and more. This year’s show saw a record number of attendees as well as exhibitors who were so numberous that another exhibit

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12 Nov No Comments Mau Conventions, Drawing, Fan Art, Superheroes

Halloween Card 2014!

Halloween 2014 is here and what better day to celebrate than a Friday (well, except for a Saturday of course)! This year my Halloween card illustration focuses on the role-playing fun that dressing up as your favorite character encourages. I actually had a few different compositions and ideas in mind

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31 Oct 2 Comments Mau Character, Fan Art, Painting, Superheroes

Disney Princess Pinup #2 “Up Where They Walk” featuring Ariel

In the continuation of my pinup series featuring my favorite Disney princesses, I present to you my second painting featuring Ariel entitled “Up Where They Walk.” Visually it’s pretty straight forward, but I wanted to make sure that this piece also carried my previous theme of capturing the Disney Princess

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15 Oct No Comments Mau Uncategorized

Long Beach Comic Con 2014 Wrap Up

The 2014 Long Beach Comic Con held Sept 27-28th was a huge success, and I had a ton of fun getting to be a part of it. The show featured multiple exhibitors, artists, creators, and special guests within the halls of the Long Beach Convention Center and was attended by

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Long Beach Comic Con this weekend!

Long Beach Comic Con is this weekend September 27-28. Tickets and more information are available online at I’ll be at table 1803 selling new artwork as well as giving away a some free prints all weekend long for fans who stop by my booth. If you’re going, do stop

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22 Sep No Comments Mau Conventions, Fan Art, Uncategorized

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid – A Princess Jasmine Pinup

I’ve always loved classic pinup art. Those paintings by masters like the great Gil Elvgren were always so attractive to me, and it wasn’t just because of the beautiful women in them. It was because artistically speaking they were simplifications of reality. Elvgren was especially a master of simplifying everything

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17 Sep No Comments Mau Character, Fan Art, Painting