Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Official Promo Art

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been hired to work on the promo campaign for the new Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed title – Assassin’s Creed: Unity. This installment of the franchise takes place on the eve of the French Revolution and is also the first title to feature multiplayer gameplay.

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Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Earlier this week Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teased that he will be in an upcoming DC film as a character that has the power of Superman, is NOT Green Lantern, and finished it off by stating, “Just say the word.” In case you’re not a total fanboy or don’t happen

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All Work and No Play Makes Spiderman a Sad Boy

I suppose this is what happens when you cross fan art with social commentary. I came up with the idea for this gag illustration after watching “The Amazing Spiderman 2″ on opening weekend, but only just now got around to finishing it. It pretty much summarizes how I felt about

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21 May 1 Comment Mau Fan Art, Superheroes

Sonic the Hedgehog “Underhog” Exclusive Print Giveaway

  When I first started sketching what would become my┬áSonic the Hedgehog themed piece, “Always Root for the Underhog,” I never would’ve imagined the positive reaction it would end up having with so many people. So as a thank you for all the kind words expressed to me about it,

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20 May 1 Comment Mau Fan Art

“POPcade” Show a Success! Pt. 1

Popzilla Gallery’s 5th art show entitled “POPcade” opened this past Saturday to a HUGE crowd, and I was privileged enough to have had two pieces in the show. Popzilla’s hook is to take a specific theme and combine it with pop culture, and this time was no different. With over

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“POPcade” – A Video Game Art Show at the Rothick Art Haus

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a part of POPzilla’s upcoming gallery show “POPcade” which will be a pop art tribute to video games old and new! The show opens this Saturday May 10 at 6pm (till 10 pm) and will run for 4 weeks. It will be held

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WonderCon 2014 Wrap Up #2

Another great aspect of my experience from WonderCon was the opportunity to try my hand at on-site sketching. In the past when I would attend comic conventions as a fan, especially before I became an artist, I was always in awe of the artists drawing at their table. I think

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WonderCon 2014 Wrap Up Part 1

WonderCon 2014 was this past weekend down in Anaheim, CA and I had a blast meeting a lot of great new people. If you’ve never been to a comic-esque convention, then suffice it to say that it was a three day gathering of artists, exhibitors, vendors, fans, creators, publishers and

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First Teaser Art For My Upcoming Superman Film Revealed!

Hey, everyone! It’s been a very busy last couple of months as I have been preparing for my upcoming appearance at WonderCon in addition to working on the followup to my Batman film “A Gotham Fairytale.” I am excited to present the very first teaser image for my next film,

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Wondercon 2014 Announcement

Hey, everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be exhibiting at this year’s Wondercon at the Anaheim Convention Center on April 18-20. I’ll be in the SMALL PRESS area where I’ll have new prints and artwork for sale. I’ll also be raffling off exclusive prints throughout the convention for patrons

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